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MyPhotoFast is a proud division of Bo15, Inc. who has been an industry printing leader for more than a decade. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

MyPhotoFast's focus is specializing in Dye Sublimation printing which gives a bright, rich color to all of our products. We also offer other products such as vinyl, canvas, Direct to Garment and MORE!

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Help and FAQ's

Is the site and free gift really FREE to me? What's the catch?
MyPhotoFast.com is sure that you will find uploading your image super easy and super quick and wants to let you try uploading your photos for FREE...as many as you want until you are ready to buy! While you are trying it out, we offer a 1 time FREE gift of a 6''x7'' cleaning cloth with your selected photo. We will print your item on our cleaning cloth and ship it to you so you can see the quality of our products. We think you will be excited with our selection and print quality. The Free gift is limited to 1 per person/email address/shipping address. As far as the catch...there isn't one!

Why do you ask for my email address to start?
MyPhotoFast.com asks for your email address on our home page to help us keep track of all of YOUR photos so you can view them at any time, if you decide to purchase them at a later date. We also use it to send you an email after EACH upload with samples of your recently uploaded photo on our products where you will have a chance to receive a 1 time Free gift. Entering your email upfront allows us to let you reupload new photos without having to re-enter your email over and over. We will never sell your information!

Can I order multiple images within the same cart?
MyPhotoFast.com does not allow for multiple images within 1 cart for a few reasons. 1) When you upload a photo and add something to your cart, it stays in your cart until you remove it. If you add a new photo and add it to your cart, even days later, the original item is still in the cart, but many people forget to remove it and then quickly checkout with the wanted and now unwanted items. 2) PayPal limits a section of code that we use to send to them that lets us know the image you wish to have printed. If the image code is missing, we may miss the item or change of image and send multiple products with the same image, which makes for an unhappy customer! 3) For ease of product tracking and production, we try to have all items with the same image produced together to ensure that all items are produced as quickly as possible. To help with all of these we clear the cart each time you leave the page to upload a new item.

What type of device can I use to upload?
MyPhotoFast.com lets you upload from just about any device that can connect to the internet using an up to date web browser. The site has been tested using Android and iPhone devices as well as both Mac and PC based computers. If you have issues with your device, please let us know as we want to make sure it works on as many devices as possible!

I have a newer iPhone that uses file compression. Can I use MyPhotoFast?
MyPhotoFast.com is aware of the file compression issues with the newer iPhone devices. The compression allows for more photos to be stored on your device, but can cause issues with services like ours. When uploading your file we do see some issues with how our JPG files save out, but we also save a PNG version as well. This PNG version is what you see when you view our site, so you should not have an issue with viewing our products, or us being able to create your printed product.

What type of images can I upload?
MyPhotoFast.com lets you upload a few different image types to our site to see them on our virtual products. You are able to upload JPG | PNG | TIF. Our site also lets you upload GIF ( not animated ) files as well. File types like: PDF | PSD | AI | EPS | CDR will not work with our system. Please convert these to a JPG and reupload.

Is there minimum image size I can upload?
MyPhotoFast.com does not have a minimum file size that we look for, but know that the larger the image, the clearer it will be when printed. We like to have all images at a very minimum of 1000x1000 pixels @ 150dpi, but we know that there are older files from computers and phones that are not this large/resolution so we try to ensure that they will look as best as they can when printed, knowing they will have a very 'soft' and 'blurry' look. We are not C.S.I. where we can make something the size of a postage stamp look super clear when enlarged to a blanket. We try our best, but know that sometimes the art just will not be super crisp and clear!

Is there maximum image size I can upload?
MyPhotoFast.com does not have a true maximum file size that can be uploaded, but know that the bigger the file, the longer it will take to upload and generate each product. There are known issues with 'some' images that are more than 30Mb in size having issues uploading as it may time out on EITHER the users device or our server as upload speeds may be too slow. We highly recommend that you keep all files under 10Mb in file size to maximize speed and performance. If you upload a large file and it would time out on you, please let us know at sales@myphotofast.com so we can help look into this to see if we can help!

Can I print a copyrighted piece of artwork?
MyPhotoFast.com does not allow for copyrighted artwork to be printed! We will print the item if the copyright holder contacts us in writing to: sales@myphotofast.com with a waiver/release stating that they authorize the print. We respect the rights of the photographer/artist and try to minimize any infringement that may occur.

Can I upload photos with nudity or pornography?
MyPhotoFast.com does allow for the upload and printing of images with nudity and images that are considered pornographic as long as ALL persons are of legal age or are 18 years old and older. Each image is reviewed prior to printing and if MyPhotoFast believes that ANY person within the image has any 'private areas exposed or is in any suggestive positions or activities' and is under the age of 18 we will contact the uploader and request a signed statement noting the legal age of ALL persons in the photo. Any image that looks as if there are persons 17 years old and younger and is in the image with any pose, position or is themselves exposed WILL NOT be printed and may be turned over to the O'Fallon Missouri Police Department for further review. MyPhotoFast reserves the right to NOT print any product, for any reason, at their discression and will refund the payment fees via PayPal.

How long does it take to print my item?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to have all printed items completed within 3-5 days ( but usually shorter ) after the image is uploaded to us. For standard MyPhotoFast orders we then ship the products to you using either USPS or UPS with most deliveries occuring within 3-5 days. For our SUITES program, we will print the item and send it to the representative on file that supplied you with the single use code. They will arrange for delivery to you.

How long does it take to get my item after I order?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to deliver the products as quickly as we can after the product is printed. As we offer Free Shipping for all of our products, we will select the best method for shipping. Most items are delivered within 3-5 days after it leaves our St. Louis facility. If you require your product sooner, please contact sales@myphotofast.com to see what options are available. Additional fees may apply for rush production or shipping options.

Is there a Rush service available to get my item sooner?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to get all items printed and shipped out with just a few days. We normally do not offer any rush services but we know that there are special times that you need the item a little sooner. Please speak with a helpful representative at 1-888-355-0345 ( M-F 9a-5p Central ) BEFORE you checkout with Paypal. Additional charges may apply to any rush processing or delivery options and will be the responsibility of the end customer. If a rush delivery option is possible, the representative will process payment over the phone instead of our online payment process.

Can I return my item for credit?
MyPhotoFast.com does not allow for any returns of its products for credit. Each item is created by hand for our customers so we are unable to resell any returned items. We will work with our 'clients' to help resolve any issues that may haev happened during production and/or shipping.

What if there is a problem with the product(s) I receive?
MyPhotoFast.com tries very hard to ensure that all of the products that leave our production facility is top quality. We do on occasion have a product or two that slip through the cracks, but we really try to catch everything, but if for some reason a product makes it to you and you feel we did not live up to our Smile Guarantee standards, contact us right away and we will be happy to work with you to see how we can make you a happy customer! If the issue is caused by our production staff we wil be happy to help get it corrected as quickly as possible. If the issue is with the shipping carrier that delivered your product we will work with the carrier to determine the cause of the issue and make a plan to get you a replacment item. Please take photos of the item as soon as you receive it if you feel that it is damaged in transit ( take photos of the unopened box/package as this will help us to work with the shipping company for resolution ). Please call us at 1-888-355-0345, Option 2 ( M-F 9a-5p Central ), and speak with a representative to see how we can make you a happy MyPhotoFast customer!

What do you do with my information and photos?
MyPhotoFast.com does not collect any of your personal information other than your email address at time of image creation which is used for sending you an email with your recently uploaded photo. If you decide to purchase an item, we will receive your name and shipping information via PayPal. We never share your info with other companies, but you may receive information from our parent company, Bo15, Inc. or one of its printing division websites letting you know of other printing and gift options.

Updates and Revisions

04/25/2019 @ 4:27P
NEW PRODUCT! We now offer 12"x18" Garden Flags! You can now upload an image and see your product on a custom Garden Flag. Brighten up your garden, path, or walkway!

04/24/2019 @ 8:20P
Preparing for a new product, it seems that a piece of code may have made TALL images cause an error. This occured from about 4:00p-8:15p. This has been corrected and should be working correctly now.

04/10/2019 @ 4:52P
An adjustment was made to the Door Mat virtual to closer represent the final printed mat. The artwork needed to be adjusted to account for additional artwork bleed for printing.

04/08/2019 @ 1:39P
A minor bug update was traced and corrected as a few of the products were passing the wrong info to PayPal. A customer would upload on one day, and order on another. It was causing the system to generate a new ID and pass that to PayPal instead of the original ID info.