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Industry Leading Professional Printer

MyPhotoFast is a proud division of Bo15, Inc. who has been an industry printing leader for more than a decade. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and strive to meet or exceed your expectations.

MyPhotoFast's focus is specializing in Dye Sublimation printing which gives a bright, rich color to all of our products. We also offer other products such as vinyl, canvas, Direct to Garment and MORE!

Help and FAQ's

Is this really FREE to me? What's the catch?
MyPhotoFast.com works directly with corporate sponsors to help bring a little joy and memory to a special event. Our clients are responsible for the payment and shipment of all products that are produced, so there should be no cost to you. We want to help ensure that you have memories that will last for years to come with our products, as well as helping to strengthing the business contacts you have with our clients. And, there is no catch!

Can I order another item using the same info?
MyPhotoFast.com is working to combine our primary site with our Suites site to allow for our customers to order additional products. We encourage you to visit MyPhotoFast.com and upload the same, or new photos to see your image on even more gifts that you can order today! If you wish to order an additional product in the meantime please contact a MyPhotoFast representative at 1-888-355-0345 ( M-F 9a-5p Central ).

What type of images can I upload?
MyPhotoFast.com lets you upload a few different image types to our site to see them on our virtual products. You are able to upload JPG | PNG | TIF. Our site also lets you upload GIF ( not animated ) files as well. File types like: PDF | PSD | AI | EPS | CDR will not work with our system. Please convert these to a JPG and reupload.

Is there minimum image size I can upload?
MyPhotoFast.com does not have a minimum file size that we look for, but know that the larger the image, the clearer it will be when printed. We like to have all images at a very minimum of 1000x1000 pixels @ 150dpi, but we know that there are older files from computers and phones that are not this large/resolution so we try to ensure that they will look as best as they can when printed, knowing they will have a very 'soft' and 'blurry' look. We are not C.S.I. where we can make something the size of a postage stamp look super clear when enlarged to a blanket. We try our best, but know that sometimes the art just will not be super crisp and clear!

Can I print a copyrighted piece of artwork?
MyPhotoFast.com does not allow for copyrighted artwork to be printed! We will print the item if the copyright holder contacts us in writing to: sales@myphotofast.com with a waiver/release stating that they authorize the print. We respect the rights of the photographer/artist and try to minimize any infringement that may occur.

How long does it take to print my item?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to have all printed items completed within 3-5 days ( but usually shorter ) after the image is uploaded to us. We will print the item and send it to the representative on file that supplied you with the use code.

How long does it take to get my item after I order?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to deliver the products we have at a minimum of each week. For those within the St. Louis, MO metro area we will normally send a courier service with the products for distribution to your customers to the address we have on file. It is up to each 'Client' to distribut them to their customers. Other clients ouside of St. Louis will have products sent via USPS or UPS services.

Can my item be sent to me directly?
MyPhotoFast.com does not offer direct shipping to the end customer. We work closely with our clients to help ensure quick and easily delivery. With all of the new and changing technoligies we are loosing our face to face interactions, so this is just a little way to help keep this practice alive! It also lets you say 'Thank You' to your product sponsor in person.

Is there a Rush service available to get my item sooner?
MyPhotoFast.com tries to get all items printed and shipped out with just a few days. We normally do not offer any rush services but we know that there are special times that you need the item a little sooner. Please speak with a helpful representative at 1-888-355-0345 ( M-F 9a-5p Central ). Additional charges may apply to any rush processing or delivery options and will be the responsibility of the end customer.

Can I return my item for credit?
MyPhotoFast.com does not allow for any returns of its products for credit. Each item is created by hand for our customers so we are unable to resell any returned items. We will work with our 'clients' to help resolve any issues that may haev happened during production and/or shipping.

What do you do with my information and photos?
MyPhotoFast.com does not collect any of your personal information other than your name and email address which is used for sending you the use code and for product delivery. We never share your info with other companies, but you may receive information from our parent company, Bo15, Inc. or one of its printing division websites letting you know of other printing and gift options.